Austin Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy for Kids in Austin

Are you looking for a fully certified speech therapist in Austin, Texas to help your child? Look no further! Our speech pathologists in Austin treat children from birth to 18 years of age with a wide variety of disorders.  Everything Is Speechy, is a private locally owned speech therapy practice in Austin, Texas that offers speech therapy, feeding therapy, full individualized evaluations, consultations, and customized treatment plans.  We take pride in delivering the best quality pediatric speech therapy in Austin.  Your child will engage in fun, goal-driven, educational speech therapy in the comfort of your home.  Our Austin speech therapists will also travel to your child’s daycare or school to perform one-on-one speech therapy services.  We take pride in collaborating and providing outstanding speech therapy services for the families of Austin, Texas.

At Everything Is Speechy, we understand that life has its demands, and that time with your family is valuable.  That is why we believe our in-home speech therapy treatment plan will provide the best possible outcomes for your family and child.  When a family makes the decision to choose Everything Is Speechy as their Austin speech therapy provider, they will enter a partnership with an experienced, well-trained speech-language pathologist.  Our speech pathologists have earned the Certificate of Clinical Competence (CCC), awarded by the American Speech-Language and Hearing Association.  This professional certification is the highest level of excellence in the Speech-Language Pathology field.

Our Austin speech pathologists collaborate with families and other professionals to develop the best possible hierarchy for your child to make incremental steps toward improved skills and meeting their goals.  Each child’s plan will be customized to meet their unique needs, and help families utilize carryover skills taught in each therapy session.

Your child will work one-on-one with a highly-skilled therapist to achieve targeted speech and language skills.  This means that your child will receive individual attention and support during each session with the same speech therapist.  Each session will target specific quantitative and qualitative skills set by the treating speech therapist.

At Everything Is Speechy, we promise to offer the best speech therapy in Austin that encompasses an inclusion-based home program.  Not only will your child benefit from our program, but you and your family will also be given support, education, and encouragement regarding your child’s needs.  Our Austin speech therapists will give you the tools you need to help your child reach their goals.

Our mission at Everything Is Speechy is to deliver exceptional speech therapy for kids in Austin, Texas.  We look forward to meeting you and sharing more about the services we provide, and how we can help your child meet their full potential.

In-Home Evaluations

Our certified Austin speech therapists perform thorough in-home speech, language, and feeding evaluations. Knowing what to expect can help ease you and your child’s minds about the process.

In-Home Therapy

We provide the convenience of in-home speech therapy to address a variety of pediatric speech, language and feeding disorders. All therapy services are provided by our fully licensed speech-language pathologists.


Our speech therapy private practice is private pay only. Please reference our payment page to inquire more information about our speech therapy services.

New Patient Forms

We want to know more about your child! Please print and complete all “New Patient Forms” before your child’s initial speech and language evaluation.